Université Paris Saclay – M2 – GENE CELL DEVELOPMENT




Diploma level/grade delivered :

 Master 2

Applications accepted from students having completed : 
Bachelor’s degree -Master 1/2 

This curriculum aims at training the Master students with the most recent advances in several scientific domains, in order to prepare them to understand the forefront science at play in their internship laboratories and further during their Ph. D. thesis.

As mentioned above, the curriculum includes cell biology, genetics, epigenetics, stem cell biology, cancer biology and developmental biology. In addition practical training in Bioimaging and several practical courses are proposed.

Moreover, the students will prepare a bibliographical research and produce a written proposal for their internship. At the end of the internship, the students will present a written report and an oral defense.
Altogether, this training is a coherent suite of courses, seminars, practical training and training in presentation skills suitable for any prospective Ph. D. student as well as students aiming at an engineer career in research.
Importantly, the GCD curriculum tries to taylor the program to the purpose of each student: when pertinent, a course provided by another curriculum can be selected after discussion with the GCD course directors.

Gif-sur-Yvette and other locations