Meeting Developmental and Cell Biology of the Future

The meeting “Developmental and Cell Biology of the Future” aims to bring together the Developmental biology, Cell biology and Evo-devo scientific communities in Paris from 27-29 March 2019. The main focus of the meeting will be to discuss about the Future of these fields and, for this purpose, the meeting will dedicate the last half day to brainstorming sessions. The scientific program developed by a group of young researchers of France will cover a wide variety of topics including Environmental Impact on Development and Evolution, Single Cell Omics, Epigenomics and Gene Expression, Stem Cell biology and Organoids, Live Imaging and Image processing, and Mechanobiology. Moreover, the scientific program will count with the participation of two Keynote Speakers, Jérome GROS (France) and Carien Niessen (Germany) and six Invited Speakers, Vincent Debat (France), Heather Marlow (France), François Spitz (France), Orly Reiner (Israël), Henrick Jönsson (England) and Sara Wickström (Finland). 

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