Appel à résumés pour la Conférence Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs): From Disease Models to Mini-Organs

Le Studium organise du 28 au 30 janvier 2019 à Tours une conférence sous le thème Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs): From Disease Models to Mini-Organs. Vous pouvez soumettre votre abstract en l’envoyant en format PDF à

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JANUARY 28, 2019 – JANUARY 30, 2019

CCI Touraine – La Halle aux Draps, 4 bis rue Jules Favre – 37000 TOURS (France)


General Framework                                                                                                                     

Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) are pluripotent cells obtained by the development of a technique of reprogrammation of somatic cells using 4 defined factors. Such spectacular feature deserved the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2012. iPSCs have provoked a true revolution in the fields of Biological Sciences and Medicine. Scientists started to being able to access neurons derived from somatic cells (i.e. skin fibroblasts) of patients with neurological illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and use it as models for research laboratory studies. iPSCs opened new avenues for a better understanding about human cell differentiation, and for the ex vivo development of human organs. Besides, iPSCs brought new hopes for the development of cell therapies for conditions such as blindness and liver and kidney diseases. More recently, Scientists could obtain «mini-organs» from iPSCs. These three-dimensional structures mimic human organs, allowing a unique opportunity to access whole organs affected in different pathologies. Moreover, iPSCs derived from patients with the most diverse diseases are a highly attractive tool for screenings selecting new medicines from libraries with thousands of compounds.

This international conference is organised in the framework of the ARD 2020 Biopharmaceuticals Programme.

Conference Topics

Le Studium Conference is open to contributions from all areas of cellular biology. We especially encourage submissions related to the following topics:

  • iPSCs reprogrammation and differentiation
  • iPSCs disease models
  • iPSCs in drug discovery
  • iPSCs in cell therapies
  • organoids (or «mini-organs») derived from iPSCs



  • Dr Denis Reis de Assis, LE STUDIUM / Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Fellow
    FROM: Brain Institute of PUCRS – BR
    IN RESIDENCE AT: Imaging and Brain laboratory (iBrain), UMR 1253, INSERM / University of Tours – FR
  • Pr Hélène Blasco,
    Imaging and Brain laboratory (iBrain), UMR 1253, INSERM / University of Tours – FR

Confirmed Guest speakers

  • Jerome Mertens, Salk Institute, La Jolla, USA
  • Olivier Goureau, Sorbonne Université, Paris, France
  • Alexandra Benchoua, Corbeil-Essonnes, France



The Conference is open to all biological and medical disciplines, including both young and experienced researchers, post-doctoral students and professionals from business, government and non-governmental institutions.



LE STUDIUM Conference is jointly organized by LE STUDIUM – Loire Valley Institute of Advanced Studies in the framework of the Biopharmaceuticals Programme.


LE STUDIUM is an internationally recognised innovative structure dedicated to scientific research,  whose goal is to create in Centre-Val de Loire region a international dynamic scientific for community that includes public and private research stakeholders.



Submission of Abstracts

Abstracts should be submitted electronically, as pdf-files to LE STUDIUM Conference organizers at:


Deadline for abstracts submission is: 3rd December 2018


All submitted abstracts will be peer reviewed according to a high-quality and fast referee process. Authors will be notified whether their abstracts are accepted for oral presentation or poster session at the conference not later than 7th December 2018.




The registration fee includes all lunches, coffee breaks, and social events. It doesn’t include travel and accommodation expenses. All participants to the conference have to register. Abstract submission is not regarded as a registration.


Please register and pay the registration fee on the LE STUDIUM website:


Abstracts for oral presentation and poster should be submitted before Monday 03rd of December 2018. Please upload your abstract during the registration or send it before the deadline to


The number of oral presentations is limited, and the convenors will select the abstracts and confirm your presentation not later than Friday 7th of December 2018.
Please note that we do not print the posters, but racks & pins will be provided for up to A0 sizes, portrait format.

The deadline for registration is Monday 14th January 2019.



(Including two lunches, a Wine & Cheese cocktail and the coffee breaks)

Private institutions                 250 EUR

Public institutions                  180 EUR

Students & PhD Scholars       75 EUR

Gala dinner                             60 EUR



Location and travelling

LE STUDIUM Conference will take place at the following address:

CCI Touraine – La Halle aux Draps, 4 bis rue Jules Favre – 37000 TOURS

The event will take place at the Palais du Commerce of Tours, built between 1757 and 1759 by the Merchants of Tours for their jurisdiction and business, in the heart of the city. The Palais de Commerce is a luxurious, sober and elegant private mansion built in Bourré stones. Its western side faces the Renaissance remains of the former Beaune-Semblançay hotel, the unfortunate silversmith of François the First. Located between the Hôtel de Ville and La Loire river, the Palais de Commerce is also a stone’s throw from the Museum of Fine Arts in Tours.


Tours is a medieval city in north-central France, located on the Loire River, about 240 kilometres southwest of Paris. It is the biggest city of the Centre region and belongs to the Loire Valley which was added by UNESCO to its list of World Heritage Sites. The region is especially famous for the number of beautiful castles and quality and variety of wines and cheese. Tours is one hour away from Paris – from either the Austerlitz or the Montparnasse station by TGV (the French speed train) (SNCF website:


Important Dates

  • 3rd December 2018 Paper submission deadline
  • 7th December 2018 Notification of paper acceptance
  • Deadline for registration: Monday 14th January 2019
  • 28th – 30th January 2019 LE STUDIUM Conference



Scientific Committee

  • Dr Denis Reis de Assis
  • Pr Christine Baldeschi
  • Dr Alessandro Prigione
  • Dr Delphine Bohl
  • Dr Jerome Mertens
  • Pr Jari Koistinaho



Le Studium Organizing Committee

Sophie Gabillet, General Secretary

Dr Aurélien Montagu, Scientific Relations Manager

Maurine Villiers, Events Project Officer


Questions about the LE STUDIUM Conference may be directed to the local organizers through: