3rd International Conference on Stem cells, Development and Cancer à Montreal, les 18 et 19 Octobre

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Plus qu’une semaine pour soumettre un abstract pour la conférence

3rd International Conference on Stem cells, Development and Cancer

qui se tiendra à Montreal les 18 et 19 Octobre 2018! Voici leur présentation:

Cancer progression, embryo development and tissue regeneration have in common a strong dependency on stem and progenitor cells. Which characteristics are shared, and which are unique to embryonic, cancer and adult stem cells remain open questions.  Are cancer stem cells derived from adult stem cells or differentiated cancer cells that have acquired stem cell properties? What determines the potency of embryonic and adult stem cells? These questions and many others await a better understanding of stem and progenitor cell properties within different biological contexts.
To address these challenges, the third conference “Stem Cells, Development and Cancer” will be held in Montreal, October 18-19th, 2018 and is aimed at bringing together world experts in the fields of embryonic, adult and cancer stem cells. The synergy created by the reunion of leaders at the crossroads of these research themes will highlight novel approaches to address the important challenges associated with stem cell biology and therapeutics.
Have a look to the exciting program on the the meeting flyer highlighting our world-class speakers 

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We are looking forward to welcoming you to Montreal in October!