Séminaire Connie Eaves, 16/10/2017, Hopital Paul Brousse

Séminaire organisé par le Pr Ali TURHAN

« Heterogeneity in the Human Hematopoietic Stem Cell Compartment »

Pr Connie EAVES PhD, FRS(C)

Terry Fox Laboratory, British Columbia Cancer Agency, Vancouver, Canada
Departments of Medical Genetics, Medicine, Pathology

Lundi 16 octobre 14h30
Hôpital Paul Brousse, Salle André Lwoff
12, avenue Paul Vaillant-Couturier 94804 Villejuif
(Metro Ligne 7, Paul Vaillant Couturier)

Plan de l’hôpital :


Symposium: « (Re)Constructing the nervous system : Stem cells and beyond » October 6, 2017- Paris

International symposium:
« (Re)Constructing the nervous system :
Stem cells and beyond » October 6, 2017-  Paris

Researchers in stem cell biology, cellular reprogramming and systems biology will discuss
the developments in these fields applied to the study of nervous system development,
disorders and regenerative medicine.

This free, one day, colloquium organized by the Institut du Fer à Moulin (IFM)
and the UPMC UFR des Sciences de la vie will be held on October 6th, 2017 in Paris (Jussieu Campus).



For more information and registration visit http://ifm-institute.fr/colloquium

The organizers :
Stéphane NEDELEC
Matthias GROSZER

Diplôme Universitaire « Cellules souches et médecine régénératrice » 2016-2017


DiplômeUniversitaire Stem Cells – UPSUD

Les inscriptions au Diplôme Universitaire « Cellules souches et médecine régénératrice » de l’Université Paris-Sud sont ouvertes jusqu’au 3 décembre. Coordonné par le Pr Annelise Bennaceur-Griscelli (Directrice ESTeam Paris Sud/Inserm U395), le Pr Ali Turhan et le Dr Jérôme Artus, cet enseignement est centré sur les innovations thérapeutiques et la médecine personnalisée basées sur les cellules souches adultes et pluripotentes utilisées comme outils et ressources biologiques pour les études physiopathologiques des maladies humaines et criblage de drogue, comme futurs médicaments innovants de substitution ou de réparation cellulaire ou tissulaire dans le domaine médical et chirurgical.

Vous trouverez toutes les informations nécessaires dans les 3 documents ci-joints (Fiche, flyer et programme du DU) ou sur internet en cliquant sur ce lien : DiplômeUniversitaire Stem Cells – UPSUD

Pour toute demande d’information, veuillez contacter Mme Nadiège BALLIET (Secrétariat pédagogique) : service.hematologie.pbr@aphp.fr
Description / Tarifs Affiche Programme
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Normal and pathological brain ageing – 19/10/16, Paris

Normal and pathological brain ageing: from systems biology to the clinic

19 October 2016 at the IMAGINE institute in Paris, France


Alzheimer’s disease is characterized by diminishing memory and thinking skills, affecting as many as 8 million  Europeans, most over the age of 60. The causes of Alzheimer’s disease are still largely unknown, though they are likely a combination of genetic, environmental and other factors.
As part of ongoing research to better understand the complexities of the human brain, European-funded FP7-HEALTH AgedBrainSYSBIO consortium (on systems biology, synapse and ageing) is embarking on efforts to unravel molecular mechanisms involved in brain functioning both in normal conditions and during ageing.
We expect that this meeting will generate novel interactions between leading groups in the field. Because of the increasing interest in ageing-related diseases such as neuropathologies, we expect the symposium to gather up to 150 participants. This symposium will bring together clinicians, biologists, bioinformaticians, statisticians, who will present the latest advances in the field of neuroscience, taking advantage of state-of-the-art approaches provided by omics-biotechnologies, supercomputers, neuroimaging, amongst others.
The meeting will survey recent discoveries in the field of normal and pathological brain ageing: from systems biology to the clinic.

The Keynote lecture will summarize clinical insights on normal and pathological ageing
Session I: Synapses and ageing – Mechanisms governing establishment, functioning and plasticity of synapses are essential to development of adapted behaviour. Alterations in the synaptic molecular machinery are involved in diverse age-related cognitive disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease, which increasingly appears as a synaptopathy. This session will illustrate recent advances, through diverse approaches including cellular imaging, electrophysiology, genomics, and genetics in deciphering the molecular processes involved in normal and pathological synaptic function, and particularly in Alzheimer’s disease.
Session II:  Systems Biology session – Alzheimer’s Disease is a complex pathology. Both its aetiology and the development of symptoms involve a large number of molecular partners. Genetic analyses have revealed that the large number of genes carrying an accrued risk actually encode for proteins being part of a limited number of biochemical pathways. Interactions between the molecular partners is therefore key to understand the disease and propose new treatments. The session will present the different interweaved approaches used to approach this issued, including proteomics, analysis of interaction networks and mathematical modelling.
Session III: Pluripotent stem cell based models – To showcase how AD patho-mechanisms can be deciphered in vitro, how classical human genetics- GWAS (genome wide association studies) is used to identify LOAD-associated genes and how these candidate genes can be further studied using an iPSC-based approach to differentiate these patient iPS cell lines into function interneurons. Data pertaining to the transcriptomes and associated pathways are then incorporated into databases which can be interrogated.

Invited Speakers
Prof. Robin Jacoby, Oxford, United Kingdom
Dr. Beatrice Lucaroni, EC, Brussels, Belgium (to be confirmed)
Prof. Seth Grant,
University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Prof. Vincenzo De Paola, Imperial College London, United Kingdom
Prof. Guus Smit, Vrijie Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Dr. Selina Wray, University College London, United Kingdom
Dr. Barbara Treutlein, MPI-EVA, Germany

And with the participation of the following AgedBrainSYSBIO members
Prof. Michel Simonneau, Inserm, Paris France
Dr. Jérôme Dauvillier, CH Swiss-Prot & Vital-IT group, SIB, University of Lausanne, Switzerland
Dr. Nicolas Le Novère, Babraham Institute, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Dr. Henning Hermjakob, EMBL-EBI, United Kingdom
Dr. Friederike Schröter, Institute for Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine, University of Dusseldorf, Germany
Dr. Kristel Sleegers, VIB, Belgium
Dr. Jaak Vilo,
Quretec, Estonia


Please note:

  • There is no registration fee however the number of participants is limited. Places will be attributed on a first-come first-serve basis.
  • We will chosse three to four poster abstracts for short oral presentations



Registration Deadline extended until 5. October 2016

iFORUM 2016 Europe (11 Oct, Paris) : IPS cellular models

Journée de conférences scientifiques  dédiée aux
applications des cellules humaines dérivées d’iPS
11 Octobre 2016
ICM à Paris
Organisé par Cellular Dynamics

Introducing the iForum™ 2016 Meeting: Europe, a full day event for users of iPSC-derived cells. The iForum 2016 Meeting provides a unique opportunity to connect with thought leaders from academia, government, biotech and pharma to discover new applications and uses for differentiated iPS cells. The meeting will include innovative scientific talks and poster sessions, as well as an evening event to relax with colleagues. Space is limited – so register today.



15-16/11/2016 (Lyon): 2nd International conference on Stem Cells and Cancer

2nd International conference on Stem Cells and Cancer
Lyon, France
15-16 November 2016

École normale supérieure de Lyon

Bringing together world experts in the fields of embryonic, adult and cancer stem cells to highlight novel approaches to address the important challenges associated with stem cells biology and therapeutics.

Featuring internationally renowned speakers, including:



Fabrice LAVIAL, Françoise PFLUMIO, Pierre SAVATIER, Rémi MOUNIER, Naomi TAYLOR,

Colette DEHAY, Daniel ABERDAM, Christopher HEESCHEN


For more information and to register, visit


Early-bird registration discount available up to and including 1 October 2016

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